Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Using Strobist Techniques for Tricky Lighting at Weddings

This past Friday (July 3, 2009) I shot a wedding at The Berkeley Church in Toronto. The location is beyond great for wedding photography, as it's an 1800s restored church turned into a banquet hall/event venue. The place where the couple held their wedding ceremony is lined with stained glass windows which created severe backlighting. The challenge was in lighting the couple without having the flash wash out the whole scene and killing the light coming through the windows. After trying a few setups a couple of hours before the actual ceremony, I finally settled on an SB-800 fitted with a HONL Speed Grid. positioned at 25-30 degrees camera right, triggered via Nikon's CLS. Here are a few of the resulting images:




Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Converting your WordPress site for the Iphone using WPTouch Plugin

I had initially mentioned on this blog a website called Mofuse as a very reliable tool to make your website iPhone and mobile friendly. Well, as good as the Mofuse site is, I was restricted in the number of pages available for viewing other than the posts. That meant that potential clients could only read my posts but couldn't get any other info about the company and pricing info. Enter the WPTouch plugin for Wordpress, which ports your entire Blog, including additional pages for contact info and pricing, to a mobile friendly presentation.

Check them out, they are definitely worth a try.

Classic Black & White Portraits in Toronto

The countdown is on for our own wedding next Friday, July 10. This past Sunday I had the chance to take a few shots of my future bride, Miriam, and her family. Thanks to the amazing features found in Nik's Silver Efex Pro I was able to process the RAW file for this image to get the initial B&W tones, which was culminated with good old dodging and burning in Photoshop CS4 to give the various gradations of light on Miriam's face.