Friday, September 25, 2009

IIDEX/NeoCon Canada 2009: Covering the Tayco booth.

Once again, I was assigned to shoot the booth for Tayco at the IIDEX show. What a difference a year makes. The 2008 show wrapped up right before the world economy was thrown into chaos, and the 09 show is taking place as economists are daring to say that we might be turning the corner. Well, a few of the big names were absent from the show, and the ones that were there had downsized their booths considerably. The Tayco booth was probably one of the biggest there this year, and fortunately I was there to shoot it.

This shot looks a lot better in Large This pano shot is composed of five (5) shots taken with the Nikkor 85mm f1.4 and stitched up together in Photoshop.










Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ASID Toronto CEU Event at The Gladstone Hotel

Once again, I had the privilege of covering one of ASID's (Toronto chapter) educational seminars. The event was sponsored by Tayco and the presenter was Toby Israel Ph.D.

The venue was the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto, which has a lot of character, even in its rooms used for events. This time around, the topic was a little bit more scientific and it revolved around the psychology of design. The presenter made a clear case for the correlation between environmental surroundings in people's upbringing and how those surroundings shape the way the design. Very interesting topic indeed. Here are some shots from the event.

From ASID Toronto CEU Event with Toby Israel - Sponsored by Tayco

From ASID Toronto CEU Event with Toby Israel - Sponsored by Tayco

From ASID Toronto CEU Event with Toby Israel - Sponsored by Tayco

From ASID Toronto CEU Event with Toby Israel - Sponsored by Tayco

From ASID Toronto CEU Event with Toby Israel - Sponsored by Tayco

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Graphic Design in Toronto: Business Cards

Even though I concentrate heavily on photography these days, I still do the occasional freelance graphic design job for people in Toronto and the GTA looking for logos, business cards, brochures, ads, and even web site design. This particular images is that of a business card and logo I designed for a high end Audio and Video installation company:


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Technical Info and Toronto Wedding Photography on Twitter

Since social networking is all the rage these days, I decided to find yet another venue to make the posts from this blog available. This time the medium is Twitter, and as you probably have already noticed, there's a Twitter feed already on the right-side bar. So if you crave instant updates, I might not be that person but I'll try my best to keep the blog updated.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alien Bees vs. Nikon's SB-900: The Battle Continues

Well, is not really a battle, as each one has their place and time and at Stephanie's and Rene's big day I had to use both. The first and only time that I had to bring the ABs out was for the family and bridal party pictures. This particular situation required quite a bit of power because the couple wanted their images taken under a gazebo on a very bright day (can you say severely back lit?).

The following image was taken with a simple setup of one (1) AB1600 on a medium foldable ocatbox at camera right at 1/2 power triggered via PWs and one (1) AB800 on a 22" beauty dish at camera left at 1/2 power triggered via PWs.


The same setup was used for this larger group image:

By contrast, I just required one (1) SB-900 off camera on a Lumiquest Softbox III set to TTL -0.7 EV and one (1) SB-800 set to TTL 0.0EV positioned across the room (you can see it in the picture). All triggered via Nikon's CLS.