Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Beaches Jazz Festival 2008 Image Gallery Now Available

The entire Beaches Jazz Festival 2008 Gallery is now available as Rights-Managed images for editorial purposes. You can access the whole Gallery here:

This is the image that made it to the section of Toronto Magazine on Queen St. East

The one and only Johnny Max of The Johnny Max Band

Imbayakunas is another staple band of any Toronto street fest. I've personally seen these guys at Taste of the Danforth, Taste of Little Italy and The Beaches Jazz Festival

Jeanine Mackie of the Jeanine Mackie Band had a powerful voice that kept me shooting her band longer that I had anticipated

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Image Archive Now Available for Stock Photography and Prints

Due to the growing number of images in my collection and encouraged by the recent purchase of one of them for print, I've decided to incorporate the e-commerce functionality of Photoshelter to my website. In time, I will create specialized collections better suited for stock photography but for the time being, you can access my current files in three different ways:

1. Go to my website: and click on any of the images displayed there, which will take you the Photoshelter space for that image. In there, you'll be able to (options for each image might vary): A.Purchase it as a rights-managed image B. Purchase it as a Royalty-free image or C. Purchase a print thru EZ Labs (U.S.) or Pikto (Canada).

2. Go straight to my Photoshelter site:
and browse the Galleries or perform a search

3. Perform a search of my Photoshelter archive from my website. In the upper left corner of my websit you'll see a Search box with the Photoshelter logo. In there, you can input your search string, which will bring up results found in my archive. If nothing comes up, it means I haven't photographed it yet. I always welcome suggestions and feedback on the type of images that you are looking for, as opposed to me trying to push images that might not have any value for art directors, photo editors, graphic designers, etc.

This is my somewhat customized Photoshelter archive:
Photoshelter Custom

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Night Photography in Downtown Toronto - South East Corner of Yonge St. and Queen St.

The following shots were taken almost two years ago with a Nikon D80 and the Sigma 10-20mm (I miss that lens). When I took them I knew they had potential but it wasn't until now that I was able to bring my vision to life with the help of Nik's Silver Efex Pro (I love Nik's software:Viveza, Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro). Both shots were taken with the camera set on a tripod as the Sigma is terribly slow in low light.

1. Coming home from work and some grocery shopping. RAW conversion in Adobe Lightroom, Pro Contrast Applied in Color Efex Pro, then bleach Bypass with modifications, and finally Silver Efex Pro.

2. Waiting for the light to turn. RAW convesion in Lightroom, Pro Contrast in Color Efex Pro, then Silver Efex Pro.