Downtown Toronto at Twilight, Dusk and Darkness ~ TORONTO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER JUAN ROJO DESIGN

Friday, April 17, 2009

Downtown Toronto at Twilight, Dusk and Darkness

I went on a photowalk last night (Thursday) with fellow photographer Zeekid from TPMG. We were pretty much wondering aimlessly along Queen St. West trying to find inspiration but we found ourselves struggling to find good angles, subject, etc. It was fun nonetheless, as I had not been out taking pictures in awhile and I was itching to just go out and shoot.

Most of the shoots were taken along Queen St. West, with a little turn on Spadina just to return and walk back to Yonge and Queen St.

Have a great weekend!

Scotiabank Theatre
The Core-24

Triumph Bike Rider on Queen St. and Bay
The Core-30

Queen St. West walking east from Spadina
The Core-28

Strobist portrait taken by Zeekid with my camera. Strobist info: One (1) SB-800 as commander on camera, One (1) SB-800 to camera right with CTO gel with diffuser cap and Lumiquest Softbox III. Fired via Nikon's CLS on TTL mode.
The Core-19

Same setup as above but this time it was me taking a picture of Zeekid
The Core-20

Rush Hour Human Traffic in front of Osgoode Hall on Queen St. West
The Core-9

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