Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fixing White Balance in Post

If you have the means to purchase one, please get an ExpoDisc. It's money well spent that goes towards reducing the time you spend in front of the computer fixing stuff you could've done in camera. However, if purchasing yet another piece of equipment is just not possible then there's always Photoshop. Probably most of you know this little piece of info already but just in case, here it goes...The following images of my fiancee and I were taken by one of the facilitators at the marriage prep course we are attending. White Balance was set to auto on the D3, and as amazing as the AWB on the D3 (gets it right 90% of the time) is, it can be thrown off sometimes. This is one of those cases:

As you can see, the image is a bit on the warm side

The easiest way to fix this in post is to click on the White Balance Tool (I) on the Camera Raw tool panel and cick on a white or gray point in the image:
Picture 2

I clicked on the whitest portion of my shirt and this was the resulting image:
Now, this is way too "cool" for my taste so I proceeded to go to the Camera Calibration Panel and from the drop down menu, I selected the Camera Portrait profile and obtained a more pleasing result:

If this is still a bit too cool for your liking, you can go back to the WB temperature slider and tweak it a bit.

If you have a few other photos that need to have the same WB settings applied, you can proceed to save the settings for this photo by clicking on the drop down menu located to the right of the word Basic, in the basic panel:

Picture 5

From the drop down menu select "Save Settings" and it will allow you to save the setting from this photo to a file, which you can use by clicking on "Load Settings" from the same drop down menu. Just make sure you use the same settings for the same scene/room where the lighting was identical otherwise you might get very undesirable results.

This is another picture from that night, with the WB correction applied as well as the Lighten/Darken and Glamour Glow filters from Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0
At The Marriage Prep Course

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