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Friday, June 19, 2009

Juan Rojo Design Has Gone Mobile - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Since I started using my iPhone I realized that both my website (especially my website) and blog were not optimized for mobile browsing from the iPhone or any other mobile device for that matter.

My website would require heavy redesign to make it mobile compatible, starting with the fact that the Flash-based photo galleries don't work at all in iPhone's Safari. I will address that later, much later. In the meantime, I found a fantastic website called Mofuse, which basically transforms your current Blogger or Wordpress blog to a mobile friendly version. You just need to provide your URL and in seconds you can preview what your blog will look like on a simulated smartphone screen.

If you are already surfing the web on a mobile, you can click HERE to view an optimized mobile version of this blog.

I hope this info is helpful for all you bloggers out there who also want to take advantage of the mobile internet.

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Sam Obeid said...

Interesting I was just thinking about this since I just picked up an iPhone GS yesterday. Thanks for the heads up!