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Monday, June 15, 2009

Toronto Wedding Photographer: Angela and Sunny's Engagement Session

This past Saturday (June 13, 2009) we had the pleasure of doing an e-session for Angela and Sunny. Probably the most easy-going and nicest couple I've met to date. Angela decided on The Brickworks as the location was very familiar to both of them, and quite frankly the surrounding area is pretty much ideal for an engagement photo shoot. When I woke up that morning the sky was overcast, which I thought it would be ideal from a lighting standpoint. However, by the time we met up with them at 8:30, the sky had opened up again and it was extremely bright. It was quite challenging trying to avoid harsh shadows but within the first hour, the clouds moved in again and it made things a bit easier for Shelley and I.

Here are some shots from the session:






For the Strobists reading this post most of the lighting was done using Nikon's CLS with one single SB-900 set to Remote mode and triggered via an on-camera SB-800 set to commander. The first 30 mins. or so when it was really bright, I used Pocket Wizards to trigger the SB-900.

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